exaltedylisse replied to your post: BIRDS I WILL BUY YOU DeLICIOUS BIRDSEED…

you are so cute I love you to bits and pieces so sorry about your bug problem

laksdjasd /clings to I love you too

cries it just flies around and buzzes so loudly and it’s so big and ugly and ALEKJEAAJSDK the june bugs only come out early to mid-summer BUT GODS I HATE THEM. It scares me off when I’m trying to show the turtles that I don’t bite and it’s kinda detrimental to the whole trust-test atm

June 12, 2013 | 1
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  1. vestaloflight said: jshgksjdgh yeah june bugs are the worst kind of bug like CAN THEY NOT SEE OR SOMETHING because at my house they just keep ramming into the side of the house like WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, YOU ARE A BUG, PLS STOP
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