vestaloflight replied to your post:slams hands on table today is a waiting game, so…

I’m playing gw2 now sort of it just booted me orz

uwuuuu I want to play with youuuu but I can’t until the second repair guy comes. ; w;

slams hands on table

today is a waiting game, so I’ll be on the ps3 (or gw2 if someone’s game to play later after the second guy shows up). Take care everyone!


what everyone’s been waiting for


lots of co-op going on these days


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I put Rowen as a contact photo for a dear friend of mine in my phone and it is the best decision I have made in a year


Me getting traumatized after seeing people shoot my dear friend with a canon in one of the routes in SB3~ ;u;…

Aa, I love these two—-! >,<„,